Cat is my favorite pet.


I really admire cats. Cats of all shape, size and form. Cats are one of the few animals that you can own as a pet, but really, a cat doesn't belong to anyone. Because cats are independent, and they are among the greatest hunters in the world. Unlike dogs, who will whine when they are hungry, cats will be more inclined to go get their own meal if they are hungry, and to go find some water if they are thirsty.

Cats do display some dog like traits at times though. As a dog might go fetch the neighbours shoe, and bring it home to try to impress you, a cat might do the same with mice and birds. Although, they are more than likely to bring dead animals home because they are hungry!

Cats are also the fastest animals in the world, the cheetah in particular, which can get up to speeds near 100km per hour, give or take a few.

So cats are the fastest animals, one of the best hunters among animals, and are independent. That is why I really admire them.

Egyptians used to worship cats. Although I wouldn't go as far as worshipping them, I have a lot of respect for them, and think that they are a fascinating species!


Awh look, One Direction also love cats. And so do I ;)