My Dream Vacation


My dream vacation? Oh that's simple. My birth place, England. I've never been to my own birth place. Weird huh? It's too far away. We don't have enough money right now, but my mom promised me that we would go, and I trust her.

There are ten reasons why England is great:-

1) A superb and varied landscape.

2) An equitable, changeable climate.

3) A population where the majority are hardworking, law abiding citizens.

4) Diversity which enables us to experience and benefit from a wide range of foods, clothes, languages, religions and ways of thinking.

5) Freedom of speech and of religion.

6) Freedom of the Press to challenge and keep in check powerful elites.

7) A vibrant economy which enables us to be affluent.

8) Political influence which has a global reach.

9) People who are fair minded, tolerant and care about others who are less fortunate.

10) An education service and health service which still cause envy throughout the world.

Can anyone think of a better place for a vacation? England is so peaceful. I really wish I could spend 3 months of vacation there. And guess who lives there?